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Ирина Попова

Марокко - крупнейший в мире экспортер марихуаны и гашиша, в среднем производит около 47 700 тонн наркотического вещества в год. Кцама - деревня высоко в горах, где столетиями культивируется каннабис, и где на плантациях заняты сотни рабочих. Местные жители и приезжие погружены в групповой наркотический транс, и тогда не только реальность в их голове. но и объективная окружающая реальность становится искаженной, нереалистичной...

Narokko - a fictional country where nothing happens. Where time would stop, or goes in a different way. Here all things in another dimension. As if you got through the looking glass.In the underground world of the shamans. Or, in Dante's Inferno, if you wish.
All, of course has a geographic location. This is the village Ktsama, high in the mountains of Morocco, a place where cannabis grows to half of the world.

If one person is in a "stoned state," the reality is changing inside his mind. And what about a place where there is nothing except the drug, in fact, , where the young and old smoke it (I mean men, even if it is a boy of ten, for women it is absolutely prohibited.) Where the air is filled with the smoke of burning sweet "hay", and is dense like a stake, especially around the many shabby cafes. Where the sweet smell of the weed comes out of the road, when you go through endless plantations on the slopes.

In this case, the drug is changing all reality, all the physical reality around us. Everything is different. Time does not flow smoothly, and contracts and expands as the worn-out record. Every detail offers many levels of reality and a lot of meanings, as if it was a message from ...(Who?)

Once (a long time ago in Russia), I smoked Moroccan cannabis, that hit the “down-world” (black, scary, strange), and wandered there for a long time, and could just get lost, if I had not been saved. I would like to show what I saw and experienced there, but there (in a mental journey) nobody can take a camera. And to write words or draw after the happening - would lie, a forgery. Because only a photograph can tell us about the 'here and now "or" never, never, "or anywhere, anytime.

So I go searching for something like that in real life. I could just as easily go to Afghanistan or even in simple Kyrgyzstan. But somehow it was seen as Morocco (maybe because cannabis was then Moroccan). I want to see the very root of evil. And I enter again into something black and terrible, like in the movies of suspense in a distorted reality, where, in general, the camera was also absolutely not allowed, too…

Through passing of this hell, I really was purified from the fact that for so long tormented, but I do not throw slogans in the air to get rid of drugs, I'm just trying to tell you about some strange, transcendent place where everyone will see something his own.

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Дорога в Кцаму
июнь 2011 Марокко
Дорога в Кцаму

Highway to hell

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  • krysolove
    19.12.2011 22:05
    занятное должно быть место...
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    • AndyPix
      21.12.2011 05:50
      Отличная история! Графичные картинки!
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